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This page is all about Brick Cleaning, Cleaning / removing paint from brickwork and brick wall cleaning. You'll discover how to clean bricks properly, how to safely remove paint from bricks as well as other handy brick cleaning tips. We've got some great brickwork cleaning photographs from recent cleaning projects. You'll also discover how to clean bricks safely without using high pressure sandblasting. Please, feel free to explore the whole site

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What Else Do We Do?
Cleaning oak beam. Thick paint removed from oak beams without scratching the wood - with all unique colours restored Cleaning Oak Beams, stripping old black timber beams
Cleaning natural stone; Dirty, grubby natural stonework brought back to life with our gentle stone cleaning Stone cleaning
Stone cleaning and cleaning natural stone;Give your patios and features that "just laid" look Stone Cleaning

Cleaning years of grease and grime from brickwork. The bricks nearly always clean up like new

 Brick Wall Cleaning, Painted Brickwork Cleaning

Brick cleaning;Clean up painted brickwork or clean old brick to look like new

Brick Cleaning

Precious monuments like marble statue gently cleaned / restored with no danger of damage Statue monument cleaning

And We Also

Do These...

cleaning stone fireplace; Renovation of interior wood, stone, brick and fireplaces. All stripped back without as much as a scratch to the item. All without using chemicals!

Clean and restore Interior wood, stone  fireplaces, skirtings and panelling

Boat Cleaning; anti fouling, old paint and barnacles removed without damaging the gel coat

antifouling removal, boat cleaning

removal of road markings ; Environmentally friendly removal of thermoplastic road markings - without choking toxic fumes Removal of road markings
Removing graffiti; Chemical free graffiti removal with no damage to surfaces underneath" Graffiti Removal
Ultra gentle blast cleaning. Layer by layer removal of paint from automotive bodywork, including classic cars


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Remove paint from bricks Cleaning Bricks and brickwork

Brick Cleaning, Cleaning Brickwork, Removal Of Paint & Grime From Brickwork & Brick Fireplaces

You've got to see these super photo's below

Just look at this stunning transformation below (and the other super brick cleaning photo's on this page). It shows how to get paint off brickwork or walls

It's another recent job we've done that I'm really proud of.

These two pictures are actually of the same building. In the first it looks derelict and run down. The paint is all flaky and falling off the bricks and it looks like it's seen better days. In the second, (following treatment) it looks pristine.

Now, look at them through the eyes of potential buyers or tenants.

If you were either, would you be impressed with the building or turned off and look elsewhere?

People only look at tatty places when they are looking for a cheap deal. It gives them more bargaining power if it looks run down. They've got more chance of screwing you on price.

Can you see how the cost of cleaning will be far less than the loss of income if it's left dirty and shabby?

How to remove paint from a brick wall (without damaging the brick work).

Removing paint from brick. "Before" photo of cleaning of old brick After brick cleaning; the old brick looks like new

Before cleaning: Look at this tatty wall. Just suppose you were selling this building (or even just renting it out). Would you get as much as you hoped for?

After: Honestly, this IS the same wall! (see the white pipe?) See how much better it looks after cleaning ?  Surely, this building would command a far higher price in this condition?

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Amazingly, the other day I saw a restaurant with a wall in that state, .

 It overlooked the customer car park behind the building. You had to walk past it when you go in to eat. I remember thinking "I don't fancy eating there if they keep the building in that state. How dirty will the kitchen be?".

Now maybe that wasn't fair but it was what I thought. I wondered how many other potential customers walked away thinking the same thing?

Can you see how you could be losing money hand over fist if you try to sell, rent out or even trade from a building in this condition?

Think how much the value will increase if it's cleaned up like new. All you have to do is shift the flaky paint and dirt and you've got an attractive asset. And remember, it's us that do all the dirty work for you.

If you would like us to shift your ugly paintwork, please give us a call ( or E-mail me some photo's. Just click on the link below for the contact details.

Click here to ask specific questions or contact us, either by email or telephone

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Brick Wall Cleaning & Cleaning Old Brick, Masonry & Stone Walls...


Take a look at these great brick cleaning photo's. This house had decades of industrial grime plastered to it's brickwork. It was choking under a thick film of dirt and grease.

Not only do the photo's show the vibrant colours being revealed and restored but also how little mess is created in the process.

Brick Cleaning . Here's the house before the

chemical free brick cleaning took place

Brick cleaning. A house before we use our system to remove dirt and grime from the old bricks

Now, before we show you "during brick cleaning" photo, what colour do you think the bricks are underneath?

Well here are several other "during brickwork cleaning" photographs. I bet you didn't expect the bricks to be that colour under all that murk, did you?

What I really want you to look at is how little mess is made. These photo's have not been fiddled. You haven't got gallons of water pouring down the walls and windows. You can see that the fine mist captures any dust and stops it blowing everywhere (more about the process later).

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How to add thousands to the value to your house. Here's the house during the chemical free brick cleaning. See how much dirt is removed?

Brick Cleaning photo showing before and after cleaning work. There's a big contrast between the two

See how the bricks are cleaning up? This must put

thousands on the value of the house afterwards.


Here's some more pictures of work on the house. These are called "thumbnails". You have to click on each picture and you will get a much more detailed view (when you've finished, just click the "Back" button on your browser to come back to here).


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 So what did it look like when it was finished? 


Just have a look at this incredible transformation below.....


Amazing transformation showing the brickwork looking like the day it was built


Now I bet you would love to see this "in the flesh", wouldn't you? You know, to take a close look and "feel" if it was real? Well you cannot.


If you walked down this street looking for this block you would not find it.




Because now, we've done the one next to it as well.


Now think about this. The owners have got the best of both worlds here. They've got effectively, brand new "period houses". It's as though they stepped in a time machine went back decades and brought the skilled craftsmen back with them to build their houses.


Here's a "full frontal" photograph of the same property. What a difference!. Remember that the "dirty" houses look like brand new as well now. Luckily we took this picture before we rejuvenated the other one (or no-one would have believed us).


Wouldn't You feel proud to own a house like this?


I wonder how much it has increased in value now?

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Here's another picture of the stunning brickwork cleaning


So how's it done?

Now if you've come straight to this page (rather than through the Brick Cleaning home page), you are probably wondering how it's done. In the pictures, it looks like high pressure shotblasting or sandblasting. It's not. It's much more gentle.

It's a system developed in the UK for cleaning fragile surfaces.

We first noticed it when it was used by the Royal Navy to renovate one of the nation's prized assets... HMS Victory. When they wanted to restore it back to it's original condition they came across a major problem.

At some time, the decks had been painted with red lead paint. I say painted, it was more like daubed or slapped on. So much that it was " (2cm) thick.

It couldn't be burned off for both environmental and commonsense reasons (you just don't set fire to HMS Victory!).

They had to find another way and this is it.

A hot mist of water vapour and very soft media is used at ridiculously low operating pressures (about 28 PSI). Paint or dirt is gently removed layer by layer.

What does that mean for You?

Simple. You get your things cleaned with no fear of damage. If you have come straight to this page, please feel free to see how it is used on Oak beams and delicate stonework etc. Just follow the link at the top of the page).

Here's a photo of the unit in operation...


How to clean a brick wall the right way. Here's the house during the chemical free brick cleaning. See the unit in operation? See how effective it is?

Here's the brick cleaning machine, the cherry picker (for safe working) and the pick-up. As you can see, it's not a toy ― and certainly not the sort of thing a "DIY'er" can get at the local hire shop. The machine alone costs over 25,000!

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Do you have some brickwork or a stone wall that you'd love to have looking "like new"? Just give us a call or send us an E mail (with pictures if you've got some) and we'll try our best to help you. Here are the details...

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How to Contact us

Hi, I hope you found what you were looking for.

Maybe you need further information?

We've found that most people have many individual queries or specific questions they would like to ask. 

If you have, please feel free to either...


Telephone us on  
(mobile 07972 549924) or

E- mail your personal question (click here)

Send me some photo's if you like; it will give

me a better idea of what we are dealing with.

I promise I will respond as soon as I possibly can.

Kind regards, Richard Hobbs, Protinus .

Head Office: 6, York Street,

Stourport-On Severn,


DY13 9EQ

(Just around the corner from the new marina).

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